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polynomial definition

Calling Sequence

p=poly(a,vname, ["flag"])



matrix or real number


String, the symbolic variable name. If the string have more than 4 characters only the first 4 are taken into account.


string ("roots", "coeff"), default value is "roots".


If a is a matrix,

p is the characteristic polynomial i.e. determinant(x*eye()-a), x being the symbolic variable.

If v is a vector,
  • poly(v,"x",["roots"]) is the polynomial with roots the entries of v and "x" as formal variable. (In this case, roots and poly are inverse functions). Note that Infinite roots gives zero highest degree coefficients.

  • poly(v,"x","coeff") creates the polynomial with symbol "x" and with coefficients the entries of v (v(1) is the constant term of the polynomial). (Here poly and coeff are inverse functions).

s=poly(0,"s") is the seed for defining polynomials with symbol "s".


//rational fractions

See Also

  • coeff — coefficients of matrix polynomial
  • roots — roots of polynomials
  • varn — symbolic variable of a polynomial
  • horner — polynomial/rational evaluation
  • derivat — rational matrix derivative
  • matrices — Scilab objects, matrices in Scilab
  • rational — Scilab objects, rational in Scilab
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