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Scilab help >> Simulated Annealing > Utilities > neigh_func_vfsa


The Very Fast Simulated Annealing neighborhood relationship

Calling Sequence

x_neigh = neigh_func_vfsa(x_current,T,param)



the point for which we want to compute a neighbor


the current temperature


a ones column vector. The column correspond to the amplitude of variation of the neighborhood. By default, the column is a column of 0.1.


the computed neighbor


  • This function implements the Very Fast Simulated Annealing relationship. This distribution is more and more peaked as the temperature decrease.

See Also

  • optim_sa — A Simulated Annealing optimization method
  • neigh_func_vfsa — The Very Fast Simulated Annealing neighborhood relationship
  • temp_law_huang — The Huang temperature decrease law for the simulated annealing
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