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Scilab help >> Statistics > Data with Missing Values > nansum


Sum of values ignoring NAN's

Calling Sequence

s = nansum(x,orient)



numerical vector or matrix.


nothing or '*'. 'r' or 1. 'c' or 2.


Numerical scalar or vector containig the value of the adding operation.


This function returns in s the sum of the values (ignoring the NAN's) of a numerical vector or matrix x.

For a vector or matrix x, s=nansum(x) (or s=nansum(x,'*')) returns in scalar s the sum of values of all entries (ignoring the NAN's) of a vector or matrix x.

s=nansum(x,'r')(or, equivalently, s=nansum(x,1)) returns in each entry of the row vector s of type 1xsize(x,'c') the sum of each column of x (ignoring the NANs).

s=nansum(x,'c')(or, equivalently, s=nansum(x,2)) returns in each entry of the column vector s of type size(x,'c')x1 the sum of each row of x (ignoring the NANs).

For the last two cases, if a row or column is in whole composed of NAN, the corresponding place of s will contain a NAN.


x=[0.2113249 %nan 0.6653811;0.7560439 0.3303271 0.6283918]

See Also

  • nancumsum — Thos function returns the cumulative sum of the values of a matrix
  • sum — sum of array elements


Wonacott, T.H. and Wonacott, R.J.; Introductory Statistics, 5th edition, J.Wiley and Sons, 1990.

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