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Scilab help >> Data Structures > hypermat


initializes an N dimensional matrix

Calling Sequence

M = hypermat(dims [,v])



a vector of hypermatrix dimensions.


a vector of hypermatrix entries (default value zeros(prod(dims),1)).


The hypermat function initializes a hypermatrix whose dimensions are given in the vector dims and entries are given in optional argument v.

M data structure contains the vector of matrix dimensions M('dims') and the vector of entries M('entries') such as the leftmost subcripts vary first [M(1,1,..);..;M(n1,1,..);...;M(1,n2,..);..;M(n1,n2,..);...]

If you build your own hypermat, you must be careful. The M('dims') entry must be a row vector whereas the M('entries') must be a column vector.


M = hypermat([2 3 2 2],1:24)
M_own            = mlist(['hm','dims','entries']);
M_own('dims')    = [2 3 2 2];
M_own('entries') = [1:24]';

See Also

  • hypermatrices — a Scilab object, N dimensional matrix in Scilab
  • zeros — matrix made of zeros
  • ones — matrix made of ones
  • grand — Random numbers
  • matrix — reshape a vector or a matrix to a different size matrix
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