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Aide Scilab >> Graphiques > annotation > title


display a title on a graphic window

Calling Sequence




a string, it's the title to display


This optional argument represents a sequence of couple statements {PropertyName,PropertyValue} that defines global objects' properties applied to the created title.


This optional argument forces the title to appear inside the selected axes given by axes_handle rather than the current axes (see gca).


title displays a title on a graphic window.

The Property arguments should be used to customize the title. Here is a complete list of the available options.

Property :

backgroundcolor : this field contains the color used to fill the box if any. Its value should be a color index (relative to the current colormap).

color : this field contains the color used to display the title text. Its value should be a color index (relative to the current colormap).

edgecolor : this field contains the color used to display the line around the box if any. Its value should be a color index (relative to the current colormap).

fontname : seven differents fonts are available : "Courrier", "Symbol", "Times", "Times Italic", "Times Bold", "User defined". The font_size property is an index in [0 6] which is associated to the previous font names.

fontsize : the fontsize property is used to select the type of size of the title. Its value should be an integer in between 0 and 5 which stands for 8pt, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 18pt and 24pt.

position : this 2d vector allows you to place manually the title on the screen. The position is stored in the data units of the axes.

rotation : this scalar allows you to turn the title. The font is turned inverse clockise with the angle given in degrees.

visible : this field contains the visible property value for the title. It should be "on" or "off". By default, the label is visible, the value's property is "on" . If "off" the title is not displayed on the screen.


// display a title with several properties 
title('my title');
// change the color for the font
title('my title','color','blue');
// change the color for the around the box
title('my title','edgecolor','red');
// change the position of the title 
title('my title','position',[0.3 0.8]);
// change the size of the font
title('my title','fontsize',3);
// a rotation 
title('my title','rotation',90);

// We can do all these modifications with just the below instruction:
title('my title','color','blue','edgecolor','red','fontsize',3,'rotation',90,'position',[0.3 0.8]);

See Also

  • label_properties — description of the Label entity properties
  • titlepage — ajoute un titre au milieu d'une fenêtre graphique
  • xtitle — add titles on a graphics window



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