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Scilab help >> Strings > evstr


evaluation of expressions

Calling Sequence




matrix of character strings M or list(M,Subexp)


matrix of character strings


vector of character strings




integer, error indicator


Returns the result of the evaluation of the matrix of character strings M. Each element of the matrix must define a valid Scilab expression.

If the evaluation of M expression leads to an error, the single return value version, H = evstr(M), raises the error as usual. The two return values version, [H,ierr] = evstr(M), on the other hand, produces no error, but returns the error number in ierr.

If Z is a list, Subexp is a vector of character strings, that defines sub_expressions which are evaluated before evaluating M. These sub_expressions must be referred to as %(k) in M, where k is the sub-expression's index in Subexp.

evstr('a = 1') is not valid (use execstr instead).

Nan, NaN will be interpreted as %nan.

Inf will be interpreted as %inf.


a = 1; b = 2; Z = ['a', 'b'] ; evstr(Z) 
a = 1; b = 2; Z = list(['%(1)','%(1)-%(2)'],['a+1','b+1']);

evstr('NaN'), evstr('Inf')

See Also

  • execstr — execute Scilab code in strings
  • evstr — evaluation of expressions
  • execstr — execute Scilab code in strings
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