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Ajuda Scilab >> IGU > x_choices


interactive Xwindow choices through toggle buttons

Calling Sequence




vector of strings, title for the popup window.


a list of items items=list(item1,...,itemn), where each item is also a list of the following type : item=list('label',default_choice,choices). default_choice is an integer which gives the default toggle on entry and choices is a row vector of strings which gives the possible choices.


an integer vector which gives for each item the number of the selected toggle. If user exits dialog with "cancel" button rep is set to [].


Select items through toggle lists and return in rep the selected items

Type x_choices() to see an example.


l1  = list('choice 1',1,['toggle c1','toggle c2','toggle c3']);
l2  = list('choice 2',2,['toggle d1','toggle d2','toggle d3']);
l3  = list('choice 3',3,['toggle e1','toggle e2']);
rep = x_choices('Toggle Menu',list(l1,l2,l3));
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