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get file list

Calling Sequence

dir path



a string matrix giving a directory pathname (eventually ended by a pattern built with *). Default value is .


a tlist of type dir with fields : name, date and isdir


dir can be used to get the files which match the patterns given by the path argument. Patterns are given to the unix ls or to the windows dir commands in order to get information on files. Thus in order to write portable Scilab script valid wildcard patterns for both os are to be given. Note that Pathname conversion is performed and for example SCI/modules/core/macros/*.sci is a valid pattern for both unix and windows.

The name field of the returned variable is the column vector of the file names.

The date field of the returned variable is the column vector of integers containing a last modification date coded in second from 1 Jan 1970).

The isdir field of the returned variable is the column vector of boolean true if the corresponding name is a directory.

The default display of the returned structure is a column formatted list of files. It can be changed redefining the function %dir_p

Since Scilab 5.3.1, a trailing "/" or "\" (See filesep) is displayed for each directory.


dir SCI/modules/core/macros/*.bin
mprintf("%s: %04d-%02d-%02d %02d:%02d:%02d\n",,dt(:,[1 2 6 7:9]))

See Also

  • listfiles — list files
  • findfiles — Finding all files with a given filespec
  • ls — show files
  • fileinfo — Fornece informações sobre um arquivo
  • date — retorna string contendo a data corrente
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