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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
However, this page did not exist in the previous stable version.

Aide Scilab >> Calculs Parallèles avec PVM

Calculs Parallèles avec PVM

  • pvmcommunications with other applications using Parallel Virutal Machine
  • pvm_addhostsadd hosts to the virtual machine.
  • pvm_barrierblocks the calling process until all processes in a group have called it.
  • pvm_bcastbroacasts a message to all members of a group
  • pvm_bufinfoReturns information about a message buffer.
  • pvm_configsends a message
  • pvm_delhostsdeletes hosts from the virtual machine.
  • pvm_errorPrints message describing an error returned by a PVM call
  • pvm_exittells the local pvmd that this process is leaving PVM.
  • pvm_f772sciConvert a F77 complex into a complex scalar
  • pvm_get_timerGets the system's notion of the current time.
  • pvm_getinstreturns the instance number in a group of a PVM process.
  • pvm_gettidreturns the tid of the process identified by a group name and instance number
  • pvm_gsizereturns the number of members presently in the named group.
  • pvm_haltstops the PVM daemon
  • pvm_joingroupenrolls the calling process in a named group.
  • pvm_killTerminates a specified PVM process.
  • pvm_lvgroupUnenrolls the calling process from a named group.
  • pvm_mytidreturns the tid of the calling process.
  • pvm_parenttid of the process that spawned the calling process.
  • pvm_probeCheck if message has arrived.
  • pvm_recvreceive a message.
  • pvm_reducePerforms a reduce operation over members of the specified group
  • pvm_sci2f77Convert complex scalar into F77
  • pvm_sendimmediately sends (or multicast) data.
  • pvm_set_timerSets the system's notion of the current time.
  • pvm_spawnStarts new Scilab processes.
  • pvm_spawn_independentStarts new PVM processes.
  • pvm_startStart the PVM daemon
  • pvm_tasksinformation about the tasks running on the virtual machine.
  • pvm_tidtohostreturns the host of the specified PVM process.
  • pvmd3PVM daemon
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