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(:) colon operator


Colon symbol : can be used to form implicit vectors. (see also linspace, logspace)


is the vector [j, j+1,...,k] (empty if j>k).


is the vector [j, j+d, ..., j+m*d]

The colon notation can also be used to pick out selected rows, columns and elements of vectors and matrices (see also extraction,insertion)


is the vector of all the elements of A regarded as a single column.


ys the j-th column of A


is [A(j),A(j+1),...,A(k)]


is [A(:,j),A(:,j+1),...,A(:,k)]


fills the matrix A with entries of w (taken column by column if w is a matrix).

See Also

  • matrix — reshape a vector or a matrix to a different size matrix
  • for — language keyword for loops
  • linspace — linearly spaced vector
  • logspace — logarithmically spaced vector
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