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Scilab manual >> call_scilab API > GetLastJob


Returns the latest job sent to Scilab engine

BOOL GetLastJob(char *JOB,int nbcharsJOB);


This fonction returns the latest job sent to Scilab engine with the command SendScilabJob or SendScilabJobs. This can be used to display a command which failed.

BOOL is just a simple typedef on int (typedef int BOOL). TRUE is defined on 1 (#define TRUE 1) and FALSE is defined on 0 (#define FALSE 0).



a standard C char* which will be filled with the latest job


The number of char of JOB


1 (TRUE) if the operation is successfull.

0 (FALSE) if an error during initialization occured.


// A simple GetLastJob example
// See SCI/modules/call_scilab/examples/basicExamples/GetLastJob.c for 
// the full code
int code=SendScilabJob("failedMyCurrentJob=%pi*3/0");
if (code!=0){
 char lastjob[4096];
 if (GetLastJob(lastjob,4096))  {
  printf("Failed command: %s\n",lastjob);


Sylvestre Ledru

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