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Scilab manual >> call_scilab API > creadchain (obsolete)

creadchain (obsolete)

Read a single string from Scilab memory using call_scilab. Starting with Scilab 5.2, this function is obsolete. See API_Scilab: String reading for remplacement.

int C2F(creadchain)(char *name, int *itslen, char *myString, unsigned long name_len, unsigned long myString_len);



The name of the future Scilab variable


The length of the future buffer (usually, use bsiz, it skips the need to detect the size of a char). This variable will be altered to contain the actual size of myString


The actual String (char *) which is going to content the content of the Scilab variable name


The length of the variable name(fortran compatibility)


The length of the string (fortran compatibility)


C2F is just a macro which provides to this function the ability to be called from fortran


This help describes how to use the function creadchain.

Using this function will retrieve a variable called name from Scilab memory into a standard C char *.


/* Load the previously set variable A */
// See: modules/call_scilab/examples/basicExamples/readwritestring.c
int sizeA = 0;
char myStringFromScilab[bsiz]; /* Static char */
int length_myStringFromScilab = bsiz; /* Max size (it is going to be changed by creadchain */
char variableToBeRetrieved[]="A";

/* We are loading a single string from Scilab */

printf("Display of A (size %d): %s\n", length_myStringFromScilab, myStringFromScilab);


Sylvestre Ledru

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