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Create a menu or a submenu in a figure


h=uimenu([prop1,val1] [,prop2, val2] ...)
h=uimenu(parent,[prop1, val1] [,prop2, val2] ...)




Handle of the parent of the menu.

prop{1, 2 ...}


Name of a property to set up.

All available properties are listed on the uimenu properties help page.

val{1, 2 ...}

Scilab object

Value to affect to the corresponding property.



Handle of the created menu.


This function allows to create menus in a figure. If parent is a figure, then the menu item will be added to the menu bar of the figure. If parent is a menu item , then the new item will be added to the parent item, allowing to create cascaded menus.


f=figure('position', [10 10 300 200]);
// create a figure
m=uimenu(f,'label', 'windows');
// create an item on the menu bar
m1=uimenu(m,'label', 'operations');
m2=uimenu(m,'label', 'quit scilab', 'callback', "exit");
//create two items in the menu "windows"
m11=uimenu(m1,'label', 'new window', 'callback',"show_window()");
m12=uimenu(m1,'label', 'clear  window', 'callback',"clf()");
// create a submenu to the item "operations"
// close the figure

Menus or menuitem can have a LaTeX or a MathML label

mlatex=uimenu(f,'label', '$\LaTeX$');
ml1=uimenu(mlatex,'label', '$\int_0^\infty\mathrm{e}^{-x^2}\,dx$');
ml2=uimenu(mlatex,'label', '$\frac\sqrt{\pi}2$');
mmathml=uimenu(f,'label', 'MathML');
mm1=uimenu(mmathml,'label', '<msup><mn>x</mn><mi>2</mi></msup>');
mm2=uimenu(mmathml,'label', '<mrow><msup><mn>a</mn><mi>2</mi></msup><mo>+</mo><msup><mn>b</mn><mi>2</mi></msup><mo>=</mo><msup><mn>c</mn><mi>2</mi></msup></mrow>');

See also

  • uimenu properties — Description of uimenu properties.
  • figure — create a figure
  • uicontrol — create a Graphic User Interface object
  • uicontextmenu — Creates a context menu
  • set — set properties of some graphic objects or uimenus or uicontrol interactive components
  • get — Gets the handle of a graphical or User Interface object, or the property's value of objects.
  • LaTeX and MathML — Affiche les équations mathématiques dans le graphique Scilab grâce à MathML ou LaTeX.
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