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Справка Scilab >> Dynamic/incremental Link > ilib_gen_Make


utility for ilib_build: produces a Makefile for building shared libraries


Makename=ilib_gen_Make(name,files,libs,makename [,with_gateway,ldflags,cflags,fflags,cc])



a character string, the generic name of the library without path and extension.


a vector of character string. The names of the C or Fortran files without the extension and the path part.


a vector of character string. additional libraries paths or [].


character string. The path of the Makefile file.

This parameter is useless since Scilab 5.0.

A warning will be displayed in Scilab 5.3 if you use another value that the default.


a boolean. If true a file with name <lib_name>_gateway is added. Default value is %t


a string. It can be used to add specific linker options in the generated Makefile. Default value is ""


a string. It can be used to add specific C compiler options in the generated Makefile. Default value is ""


a string. It can be used to add specific Fortran compiler options in the generated Makefile. Default value is ""


a string. The name of the C compiler. Default value is the C compiler detected on the host.


Utility function used by ilib_build

This function should not be used directly.

This function generates a Makefile adapted to the Operating System for building shared libraries to be loaded in Scilab. Proper options and paths are set.

Shared libraries can then be used with the link and addinter scilab function for incremental/dynamic linking.

The shared library is build from a set of C or Fortran routines stored in a directory and if required from a set of external libraries.

Files are not required to exist, when Makefile is generated, but of course are required for executing the Makefile.

Only use this function is you know what you are doing (it is a semi-private function).

See also

  • addinter — new functions interface dynamic link at run time.
  • link — dynamic linker
  • ilib_build — utility for shared library management
  • ilib_compile — ilib_build utility: executes the Makefile produced by ilib_gen_Make
  • ilib_gen_gateway — utility for ilib_build, generates a gateway file.
  • ilib_gen_loader — utility for ilib_build: generates a loader file
  • ilib_for_link — utility for shared library management with link
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