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Справка Scilab >> Coverage > covMerge


Merges coverage results and exports to a file


covMerge(binaryFiles, binaryFile)



a set of coverage binary files


a binary file


This command is used to merge coverage results and export them to a single file. It is used for in-depth analysis for a set of functions and runs. This will output only the results for the passed paths.


for i=1:1e5; isempty(i); end
covWrite("binary", "TMPDIR/isempty1")  // write runtime information
covStop();                             // clear instrumentation

for i=1:1e5; isempty(string(i)); end
covWrite("binary", "TMPDIR/isempty2")  // write other runtime information

covMerge(["TMPDIR/isempty1" "TMPDIR/isempty2"], "TMPDIR/isempty") // merge them
covWrite("html", "TMPDIR/isempty", "TMPDIR/coverage") // render the information as HTML

See also

  • covStart — Instruments some macros to store runtime information on code coverage and execution time
  • covStop — Removes all instrumentation data
  • covWrite — Exports runtime information to files
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