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Справка Scilab >> Polynomials > coffg


Co-factors of a matrix of polynomials or rationals


[tC, d] = coffg(M)



square matrix of numbers or polynomials or rationals, with real or complex coefficients.


square matrix of the type of M: Transposed co-matrix of M, such that tC/d is equal to inv(M).


scalar: determinant det(M), with the M's data type and encoding.


coffg(M) computes co-factors of M, and returns the transposed co-matrix tC.

When M has a single component, tC is 1 and d==M

For large matrices, calculations may be slow.


// With polynomials
a = [ %s, %s^2+1; %s  %s^2-1];
[a1, d] = coffg(a)
(a1/d) - inv(a)

// With rationals
a = [%s 0 ; 0 1/%s]
[a1, d] = coffg(a)
(a1/d) - inv(a)

See also

  • inv — matrix inverse
  • invr — inverts a matrix of polynomials or of rationals
  • glever — inverse of matrix pencil
  • determ — determinant of a matrix of polynomials
  • detr — determinant of a matrix of rationals
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