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API handle functions

This page lists all the functions to manipulate Scilab native objects containing graphic handles

scilabVar scilab_createHandleMatrix( scilabEnv env, int dim, const int* dims)

Create a handle matrix with dim dimensions (dims[0], dims[1], ..., dims[dim-1]).

scilabVar scilab_createHandleMatrix2d( scilabEnv env, int row, int col)

Create a matrix of handle with 2 dimensions M(row, col).

scilabVar scilab_createHandle( scilabEnv env, int val)

Create a scalar handle.

scilabStatus scilab_getHandleArray( scilabEnv env, scilabVar var, int** vals)

Get pointer on internal array of handle of var.

scilabStatus scilab_getHandle( scilabEnv env, scilabVar var, int* val)

Get handle value from an scalar handle variable.

scilabStatus scilab_setHandleArray( scilabEnv env, scilabVar var, const int* vals)

Set values of handle variable var.

scilabStatus scilab_setHandle( scilabEnv env, scilabVar var, int val)

Set value of a scalar handle variable var.

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