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Scilab Help >> XML Management > xmlValidate


Validate a document in using a DTD, a Relax NG or a Schema.


error = xmlValidate(docs [, valid])



a mlist typed XMLDoc or a matrix of string containing path to XML documents


a mlist typed XMLValid.


a matrix of string if an error occurred or []


Validate an already parsed document or a set of documents with given paths with a DTD, a Relax NG or a Schema. If the document is valid, then the returned error is an empty matrix, else a matrix of strings is returned with the error message.

Validate a document with its path can improve performance and reduce the memory consumption.

It is not possible for the moment to validate a document against an external DTD. The only way to do this is to include in your XML file something like <!DOCTYPE foo SYSTEM "foo.dtd"> and to use xmlValidate without second argument.


doc = xmlRead("SCI/modules/xml/tests/unit_tests/library.xml");
dtd = xmlDTD("SCI/modules/xml/tests/unit_tests/library.dtd");
schema = xmlSchema("SCI/modules/xml/tests/unit_tests/library.xsd");
rng = xmlRelaxNG("SCI/modules/xml/tests/unit_tests/library.rng");

// We test if the document is valid
// If no error the file is valid

// DTD
xmlValidate(doc, dtd);

// Relax NG
xmlValidate(doc, rng);

// Schema
xmlValidate(doc, schema);

// All is ok... now we add a new element to the document
doc.root.children(3) = "<a>error</a>"

// Now the validations go to fail
xmlValidate(doc, dtd);
xmlValidate(doc, rng);
xmlValidate(doc, schema);

// You can validate a document with its path

xmlValidate("SCI/modules/xml/tests/unit_tests/library.xml", schema)
xmlValidate("SCI/modules/xml/tests/unit_tests/invalid_library.xml", rng)

// We delete the all the open documents
xmlDelete(doc, dtd, schema, rng);

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5.4.0 XML module introduced.
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