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Scilab Help >> Graphics > 3d_plot > secto3d


3D surfaces conversion


[m[,x]]=secto3d(seclist, npas)
[m]=secto3d(seclist, x)



a list whose elements are (2,.) matrices


an integer


a matrix


a vector


Considering a surface given through a list seclist of sections in the (x,z) plane [m [,x]]=secto3d(seclist [,npas]) returns a matrix m which contains a regular discretization of the surface.

  • The i-th row of the matrix m corresponds to the i-th section

  • The j-th column of m corresponds to the x(j)

Each section seclist(i) is described by a (2,.) matrix which gives respectively the x and z coordinates of points.

[m]=secto3d(seclist ,x)in that case the x-vector gives the discretization of the x-axis for all the sections

See also

  • plot3d — 3D plot of a surface
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