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Scilab Help >> Special Functions

Special Functions

  • airyAiry functions of the first and second kind, and their derivatives
  • amellJacobi's am function
  • besselhBessel functions of the third kind (aka Hankel functions)
  • betabeta function (Euler integral of the first kind)
  • calerfcomputes error functions.
  • dawsonCompute the Dawson (scaled imaginary error) function.
  • delipcomplete and incomplete elliptic integral of first kind
  • dlgammaderivative of gammaln function, psi function
  • ellipjJacobi elliptic functions
  • erfThe error function.
  • erfcThe complementary error function.
  • erfcxscaled complementary error function.
  • erfiThe imaginary error function.
  • erfinvinverse error function
  • findmfor elliptic filter design
  • gammagamma function, complete or incomplete normalized
  • gammalnThe logarithm of gamma function.
  • legendreassociated Legendre functions
  • %kJacobi's complete elliptic integral of the first kind (vectorized)
  • %snJacobi's elliptic function (obsolete)
  • sincsinc function
  • sincddigital sinc function or Dirichlet kernel
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