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Scilab Help >> Spreadsheet > readxls


reads an Excel file


sheets = readxls(file_path)



a character string: the path of the Excel file.


an mlist of type xls, with one field named sheets


Given an Excel file path this function returns an mlist data structure of type xls, with one field named sheets. The sheets field itself contains a list of sheet data structure.

sheet=mlist(['xlssheet','name','text','value'],sheetname,Text,Value) where sheetname is a character string containing the name of the sheet, Text is a matrix of string which contains the cell's strings and Value is a matrix of numbers which contains the cell's values.

Only BIFF8 Excel files (last Excel file version (2003)) are handled.


Sheets = readxls('SCI/modules/spreadsheet/demos/xls/t1.xls')
// some basic operations on Sheets
s1=Sheets(1) //get the first sheet
s1.value //get the first sheet value field
s1.text  //get the first sheet text field
s1(2,:)  //get the 2 row of the sheet


See also

  • xls_open — opens an Excel file for reading
  • xls_read — reads a sheet in an Excel file

Used Functions

This function is based on the Scilab functions xls_open and xls_read.

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