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ismember (Matlab function)

Data sets membership comparison

Matlab/Scilab equivalent

Matlab Scilab
// a)
AinB = ismember(A, B)

// b)
[AinB, loc] = ismember(A, B)
// c)
[rAinB, loc] = ismember(A, B, 'rows')
// a)
mA = members(A, B);
AinB = bool2s(mA~=0)
// b)
[mA, loc] = members(A, B)
// c)
[rmA, loc] = members(A, B, "rows");
rAinB = bool2s(rmA~=0)


In addition, Scilab provides the number of occurrences, can provide the locations of last occurrences instead of the first ones, can process A and B column-wise, and can ignore the order of elements in each row/column to be detected (detection of permutations).

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