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display Scilab function header comments





a character string, the function name.


head_comments(fname) displays the function heading comments, that is to say, the first block of comments immediately following the "function" line in the function definition.

Warning: most of the Scilab predefined functions have no heading comments.


head_comments logspace
--> head_comments logspace
function [y] = logspace(d1,d2,n)
 Geometrical series of numbers in [10^d1, 10^d2].
 logspace(d1,d2) generates a row vector of 50 logarithmically
 equally spaced values between 10^d1 and 10^d2.
 If d2=%pi, then the points are between 10^d1 and pi.
 logspace(d1, d2, n) generates n values.

See also

  • help — queries and displays help pages in the Scilab help browser
  • help_from_sci — Generate help files and demo files from the head comments section of a .sci source file.


5.0 Second input argument %path removed.
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