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xwindow dialog for data acquisition


[ok, x1,..,x14] = getvalue(desc, labels, typ, ini)



column vector of strings, dialog general comment. Any "<" character must be replaced with "&lt;".


n column vector of strings, labels(i) is the label of the ith required value.




defines the type of the ith value. By default, inputs are interpreted as decimal numbers. Columns of (rows of) values must be separated with ";". typ_i may have the following values:

"col"column vector
"row"row vector
"vec"vector (free orientation)
"intvec"scalar, vector or matrix of integers.
"str"scalar, vector or matrix of texts, delimited with ".."
"lis"list: not implemented.

defines the size of the ith value it must be an integer or a 2-vector of integer, -1 stands for undefined dimension.


n column vector of strings, ini(i) gives the suggested response for the ith required value


boolean ,%t if ok button pressed, %f if cancel button pressed


contains the ith value if ok=%t. If left hand side has one more xi than required values the last xi contains the vector of answered strings.


This function encapsulate x_mdialog function with error checking, evaluation of numerical response, ...

All valid expressions can be used as inputs. For matrices and vectors, getvalues() automatically adds [ ] around each group of input before their evaluation.


labels=["magnitude" ; "frequency" ; "phase    "];
[ok,mag,Freq,ph] = getvalue("define sine signal",labels,...
     list("vec",1,"vec",1,"vec",1), ["0.85";"10^2";"%pi/3"])

See also

  • x_mdialog — Dialog for interactive vector/matrix input.
  • x_matrix — Edits a matrix and waits for validation (modal)
  • x_dialog — Dialog for interactive multi-lines input.
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