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Scilab Help >> Testing & benchmarking > example_run


Launch the examples found in help pages.


example_run(moduleNames, functionNames)
example_run(moduleNames, functionNames, language)
example_run(moduleNames, functionNames, language, testrunOptions, testrunExportToFile)



a string or a vector of strings: references of the modules to test. Each reference can be either of

  • the technical name of a Scilab internal module, that is the name of the root directory of the module.
  • the relative or absolute path of the root directory of the module. This must be used for installed ATOMS modules or other external modules.
By default, all Scilab internal modules are considered, as returned by getmodules().

The root directory of each targeted module must have a ./help subdirectory containing the XML source files of help pages where examples to test are provided, gathered by languages as in the source package of any standard module. Example of the template toolbox_skeleton module:

unix_w("dir /b /s """ + WSCI + "/contrib/toolbox_skeleton/help""")


a string or a string vector: the name(s) of the functions to test. If not given, all help pages of the module(s) will be tested.


a string: the language of the help pages to test. Default value is "en_US".


Used as third input argument for test_run.


Used as forth input argument for test_run.


This function extracts the examples given in help pages and run them using test_run.

When testing examples of any external module, it is mandatory to autoload the module at Scilab startup. This can be achieved either by setting the ATOMS module as autoloaded, or by loading the module through the user's startup file.


if ~isempty(ls("SCI/modules/xml/help/en_US/*.xml")) then // Help XML sources must be available for this example
    example_run("elementary_functions", "insertion")
    example_run("elementary_functions", ["insertion"; "extraction"])
    example_run("elementary_functions", "insertion", "en_US")

See also

  • test_run — runs unit tests and non-regression tests of a module or in a directory
  • bench_run — Launches benchmark tests
  • startup — startup files


5.4.0 Function example_run introduced.
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