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Scilab Help >> Control Systems - CACSD > Linear System Factorization > dcf


double coprime factorization


[N,M, X,Y, NT,MT, XT,YT] = dcf(G)
[N,M, X,Y, NT,MT, XT,YT] = dcf(G, polf, polc)
[N,M, X,Y, NT,MT, XT,YT] = dcf(G, polf, polc, tol)



syslin list (continuous-time linear system)

polf, polc

respectively the poles of XT and YT and the poles of N and M (default values =-1).


real threshold for detecting stable poles (default value 100*%eps).


linear systems represented by syslin lists


returns eight stable systems (N,M,X,Y,NT,MT,XT,YT) for the doubly coprime factorization

G must be stabilizable and detectable.

See also

  • copfac — right coprime factorization of continuous time dynamical systems
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