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Справка Scilab >> Графики > xget


gets current values of the graphics context. This function is obsolete.


value = xget(query)


This function is obsolete. Use the graphics properties of objects instead.

This function is used to get values from the graphics context on the topic specified by the string query.

value = xget("fpf")

Gets as a string the floating point format for number display in contour functions. Note that value is "" when the default format is used.


// SCILAB 3 & 4           SCILAB N > 4
// ------------           ------------
xget("window")            gcf().figure_id
xget("figure")            gcf().figure_id
xget("wpos")              gcf().figure_position
xget("wdim")              gcf().figure_size
xget("wpdim")             gcf().figure_size
xget("viewport")          gcf().viewport
xget("wresize")           gcf().auto_resize
xget("auto clear")        gcf().auto_clear

xget("hidden3d")          gca().hiddencolor
xget("clipgrf")           bool2s(gca().clip_state=="clipgrf")
xget("clipoff")           bool2s(gca().clip_state=="off")
xget("clipping")          gca().clip_box
xget("background")        gca().background
xget("foreground")        gca().foreground
xget("pattern")           gca().foreground
xget("lastpattern")       size(gcf().color_map,1)
xget("color")             gca().foreground
xget("white")             color("white")
xget("font")              [gca().font_style gca().font_size]
xget("font size")         gca().font_size
xget("dashes")            gca().line_style
xget("line mode")         gca().line_mode

See also

  • xset — set values of the graphics context. This function is obsolete.
  • get — Retrieve a property value from a graphics entity or an User Interface object.
  • graphics entities — описание структур данных графических объектов
  • gcf — Return handle of current graphic window.
  • gdf — Return handle of default figure.
  • gca — Return handle of current axes.
  • gda — Return handle of default axes.
  • ged — Scilab Graphic Editor
  • getcolor — opens a dialog to show colors in the current colormap


5.0.1 The "alufunction" property is obsolete. It is no longer taken into account for graphical renderings. It is replaced with gcf().pixel_drawing_mode.
5.4.0 The "alufunction" is no longer supported..
6.0.0 Only the xget("fpf") syntax is now supported.
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