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Справка Scilab >> Xcos > Scilab/Xcos Data Structures > scicos_params


Define a param structure


Diagram configuration values. Some of the value are graphical information, others directly configure the simulator.

Type : scilab tlist of type "params" with fields : wpar, title, tol, tf, context, void1, options, void2, void3 and doc.


This vector is not currently used. It may be used in the future to code window sizes of the editor.

Type : column vector or real.


Vector of character strings, where the first one is the diagram title and default name of save file name, and the second one is the path of the directory of the file name.

Size : 2.

Type : row vector of strings.


A vector containing simulation parameters including various tolerances used by the solver. This vector is composed of : [ atol , rtol , ttol , deltat , scale , solver , hmax ] where :

(1) atol

Integrator absolute tolerance for the numerical solver.

(2) rtol

Integrator relative tolerance for the numerical solver.

(3) ttol

Tolerance on time.

If an integration period is less than ttol, the numerical solver is not called.

(4) deltat

Maximum integration time interval.

If an integration period is larger than deltat, the numerical solver is called more than once in such a way that for each call the integration period remains below deltat.

(5) scale

Real-time scaling; the value 0 corresponds to no real-time scaling.

It associates a Scicos simulation time to the real time in seconds.

A value of 1 means that each Scicos unit of time corresponds to one second. A value of 0.5 means that each Scicos unit of time corresponds to 500 milliseconds.

(6) solver

Choice of numerical solver.

The value 0 implies an ODE solver and 100 implies a DAE solver. See also : Solvers comparisons

(7) hmax

Maximum step size for the numerical solver.

0 means no limit, let the solver use its own time predicate.

Size : 7.

Type : column vector of real.


Final time simulation. The simulation stops at this time.

Size : 1.

Type : real.


A vector of strings containing Scilab instructions defining Scilab variables to be used inside block's dialog box as symbolic parameters.

All valid Scilab instructions can be used and also comments.

Size : number of lines of the context.

Type : column vector of strings.


unused field.

Size : -.

Type : -.


Scilab object of type "scsopt" defining graphical properties of the editor such as background color and link color.

Type : scilab tlist of type "scsopt" with fields : 3D, Background, link, ID and Cmap


Not used.


Vector with two entries: background and foreground colors as Scilab colors.

The default value is [8,1].


Not used.


Not used.


Not used.


unused field.

Size : -.

Type : -.


unused field.

Size : -.

Type : -.


User defined diagram documentation structure.

Size : 1.

Type : Strings.

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