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Matlab M-file to Scilab conversion function


mfile2sci()  // interactive GUI
mfile2sci(M_file_path, result_path )
mfile2sci(M_file_path, result_path, Recmode)
mfile2sci(M_file_path, result_path, Recmode, only_double)
mfile2sci(M_file_path, result_path, Recmode, only_double, verbose_mode)
mfile2sci(M_file_path, result_path, Recmode, only_double, verbose_mode, prettyprintoutput)



a character string which gives the path of Matlab M-file to convert


a character string which gives the directory where the result has to be written. Default value is current directory.


Boolean flag, used by translatepaths() function for recursive conversion. Must be %F to convert a single mfile. Default value: %F


Boolean: If %T, mfile2sci() considers that numerical functions and operators (like "+") are used only with numerical data. This excludes for instance instructions like "ab" + "cd" (that then will be kept as is instead of being converted into asciimat("ab") + asciimat("cd")).

Default value: %F: All possible conversions are done.


display information mode

0 : no information displayed
1 : information is written as comments in resulting SCI-file.
2 : information is written as comments in resulting SCI-file and in logfile.
[3] : information is written as comments in resulting SCI-file, in logfile and displayed in Scilab window. (Default value)

Boolean flag, if %T generated code is beautified. Default value: %F


M2SCI (and particularly mfile2sci) is Matlab M-file to Scilab function conversion tools. It tries whenever possible to replace call to Matlab functions by the equivalent Scilab primitives and functions.

To convert a Matlab M-file just enter the Scilab instruction: mfile2sci(file)

where file is a character string giving the path name of the M-file.

mfile2sci(..) will then generate three files in the same directory:

<function-name>.sci The result of the translation of the M-file in Scilab language.
<function-name>.cat the Scilab help file associated to the function
sci_<function-name>.sci The Scilab function required to convert the calls to this Matlab M-file in other Matlab M-files. This function may be improved "by hand". This function is only useful for conversion not for use of translated functions.

Some functions like eye, ones, size, sum,... behave differently according to the dimension of their arguments. When mfile2sci cannot infer dimensions it replaces these function call by a call to an emulation function named mtlb_<function_name>. For efficiency, these functions may be replaced by the proper scilab equivalent instructions. To get information about replacement, enter: help mtlb_<function_name> in Scilab command window

Some other functions like plot, has no straightforward equivalent in scilab. They are also replaced by an emulation function named mtlb_<function_name>.

When translation may be incorrect or may be improved mfile2sci adds a comment which begins by "//!" (according to verbose_mode)

mfile2sci() without input argument launches a GUI allowing to select a file/directory, and to configure and run the converter:


// Create a simple M-file
rot90m = ["function B = rot90(A,k)"
    "if ~isa(A, ''double'')"
    "    error(''rot90: Wrong type for input argument #1: Real or complex matrix expected.'');"
    "    return"
    "[m,n] = size(A);"
    "if nargin == 1"
    "    k = 1;"
    "    if ~isa(k, ''double'')"
    "        error(''rot90: Wrong type for input argument #2: A real expected.'');"
    "        return"
    "    end"
    "    k = rem(k,4);"
    "    if k < 0"
    "        k = k + 4;"
    "    end"
    "if k == 1"
    "    A = A.'';"
    "    B = A(n:-1:1,:);"
    "elseif k == 2"
    "    B = A(m:-1:1,n:-1:1);"
    "elseif k == 3"
    "    B = A(m:-1:1,:);"
    "    B = B.'';"
    "    B = A;"
mputl(rot90m, TMPDIR + "/rot90.m")

// Convert it to scilab language
mfile2sci(TMPDIR + "/rot90.m",TMPDIR)

// Show the new code
editor(TMPDIR + "/rot90.sci")

// Compile it in scilab

// Call & use it
m = rand(4,2);

See also

  • translatepaths — convert a set of Matlab M-files directories to Scilab


6.0.2 The only_double option is now %F by default.
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