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Справка Scilab >> GUI > Layouts > Grid Layout Options Properties

Grid Layout Options Properties

Description of the grid layout options set of properties.


layout_options = createLayoutOptions("grid")
layout_options = createLayoutOptions("grid", size)
layout_options = createLayoutOptions("grid", size, padding)



[width, height] a 1-by-2 matrix of double, [0,0] by default

The width and height of the grid in number of elements (not pixels).

A value of 0 for either width or height defines an indefinite number of elements on the rows or columns of the grid.


[pad_x, pad_y] a 1-by-2 matrix of doubles, [0,0] by default.

The padding between elements of the grid in pixels.


The created layout_options.


This functions creates the grid layout options to set uicontrols layout_options attribute.


//Create a figure with a grid layout
f = figure( ...
"dockable"        , "off",...
"infobar_visible" , "off",...
"toolbar"         , "none",...
"menubar_visible" , "off",...
"menubar"         , "none",...
"default_axes"    , "off",...
"layout"          , "grid",...
"visible"         , "on");

//Set the grid to be 2 by 3 elements
lay_opt = createLayoutOptions("grid", [2,3]);

//Insert uicontrols on the grid
//Each uicontrol is inserted from left to right
//and top to bottom

c = createConstraints("grid"); //Create the constraint for nested uicontrols

u_grid1 = uicontrol(f,...
"style", "frame",...
"backgroundcolor", [1 0 0],...
"constraints", c);

u_grid2 = uicontrol(f,...
"style", "frame",...
"backgroundcolor", [0 1 0],...
"constraints", c);

u_grid3 = uicontrol(f,...
"style", "frame",...
"backgroundcolor", [0 0 1],...
"constraints", c);

u_grid4 = uicontrol(f,...
"style", "frame",...
"backgroundcolor", [1 1 0],...
"constraints", c);

u_grid5 = uicontrol(f,...
"style", "frame",...
"backgroundcolor", [1 0 1],...
"constraints", c);

u_grid6 = uicontrol(f,...
"style", "frame",...
"backgroundcolor", [0 1 1],...
"constraints", c);

See also

  • layout — Description of the different layouts and constraints for uicontrols and figures.
  • createLayoutOptions — Creates the layout options for a frame uicontrol or a figure
  • uicontrol — create a Graphic User Interface object
  • uicontrol_properties — Description of the uicontrol properties.


5.5.0 Function createBorder introduced.
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