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Giving tips to help M2SCI...


The main difficulty for M2SCI (mfile2sci) is to find what variables are: dimensions, type...

To help this tool, just add comments beginning with %m2scideclare in the M-file to convert, (%m2sciassume was used in previous Scilab versions and is now obsolete).

The syntax of this command is:

%m2scideclare variable_name|dimensions|data_type|property

with :

  • variable_name: name of the variable declared. It can be a Struct field (e.g. x(1,2).name) or describe the contents of a Cell using syntax x(1,2).entries. NOTE that for Cells and Structs, * can be used as an index (see examples below).

  • dimensions: dimensions of the variable declared separated by blanks, if a dimension is unknown, replace it by ?. NOTE that String dimensions must be similar to Matlab ones e.g. 1 6 for character string 'string'.

  • data_type: data type of the variable which can be:

    m2scideclare data type Scilab "equivalent" type
    Double 1
    Boolean 4
    Sparse 5
    Int 8
    Handle 9
    String 10
    Struct Matlab struct (16)
    Cell Matlab cell (17)
    Void No type (0)
    ? Unknown type
  • property: property of the variable which can be:

    m2scideclare property Scilab "equivalent"
    Real Real data
    Complex Complex data
    ? Unknown property

    This field is ignored for following datatypes: Cell, Struct, String and Boolean.

All data given by m2scideclare are compared with infered data, in case of conflict, infered data are kept and a warning message is displayed. If you are sure about your data, report a bug.

Some examples are given below:

  • %m2scideclare var1|2 3|Double|Real

    var1 is declared as a 2x3 Double matrix containing real data.

  • %m2scideclare var2|2 3 10|Double|Complex

    var2 is declared as a 2x3x10 Double hypermatrix containing complex data

  • %m2scideclare var3(1,2).name|1 10|String|?

    var3 is declared as a Struct array containing a 1x10 character string in field 'name' of struct at index (1,2)

  • %m2scideclare var4(1,5).entries|1 ?|Boolean|?

    var4 is declared as a Cell containing a row boolean vector at index (1,5)

  • %m2scideclare var4(1,6).entries|? ?|Int|?

    var4 is declared as a Cell containing a row boolean vector at index (1,5) and integer data at index (1,6)

  • %m2scideclare var5(*,*).name|1 ?|String|?

    var5 is declared as a Struct array containing a 1xn character string in all fields 'name'

  • %m2scideclare var6(2,*).entries|1 3|Double|Real

    var6 is declared as a Cell array containing a 1x3 double vector in each element of its second row

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