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Scilabヘルプ >> Modules manager > Sections builders > tbx_builder_help


Build help pages of a toolbox, with possible subsections (toolbox compilation process)





Root directory of toolbox sources ; builder_help.sce script will be searched in the help subdirectory of this directory.


tbx_builder_help is used for generating the help of a toolbox.

This macro is usually called from builder.sce scripts when creating a toolbox.

Scans the toolbox_path directory for a help subdirectory. If help is found, looks for a script whose name starts by builder and executes it. If no such script is found, generates the help from all la_LA subdirectories where la_LA is the language and country from ISO 15897.

Exits silently if the help subdirectory is absent.

The toolbox name is retrieved as the basename of the file toolbox_path/etc/*.start. This file must exists, even if it is empty.


// Recommended usage, from a builder.sce script:

See also



No longer restricts the build scripts to builder_help.sce. Now any scripts called builder*.sce or builder*.sce is valid for help generation.

No longer requires a builder script, the default behaviour generates the help from all la_LA subdirectory inside the help directory.

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