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Keyboard shortcuts predefined in the console window


For the three STD, NW and NWNI Scilab running modes, some keyboard shortcuts are available when the console has the focus. The predefined default ones are listed in the following table. They can be redefined through the Scilab preferences (General/shortcuts).

A given key combination may have distinct actions according to the component having the focus: The console, a graphic figure, the history browser, etc. Herebelow, only shortcuts defined for the console's panel are considered.

Shortcut STD NW NWNI Action
Main actions
ALT x Sets / unsets the focus to the console menus. Then arrows or/and underlined activation keys of menus items allow to browse the menus.
Ctrl+space or TAB x x x completion : Scilab displays a list of all names that start with somes characters.

F1 x x opens the help browser or brings it to the foreground
F12 x opens the console box terminal (Windows only)
F3 or Ctrl + F x Opens the search/Find dialog for the console's content
Ctrl + C x Copies the selection to the clipboard
Ctrl + C x x x Interrupts a running execution
Ctrl + V x Inserts the clipboard's content
Ctrl + V x x Replaces the line's tail with the clipboard's content
Ctrl + X x x x (Interrupts Scilab)
UP x x x recalls the previous command line
Ctrl + P x x recalls the Previous command line
DOWN x x x recalls the next command line
Ctrl + N x x recalls the Next command line
!abc<enter> x recalls the last command line starting with 'abc' ('!' must be the very first character of the line)
Ctrl + S x Selects all the console's content
Shift + HOME x selects from cursor to the line's head
Shift + END x selects from cursor to the line's end
Double-click x x selects the current word
F2 x x x clears the console, like clc
Ctrl + D or DELETE x x x Deletes the current character (or on the right)
Ctrl + H or BACKSPACE x x x deletes the previous character.
Ctrl + K x x x Kills the line's tail, from cursor to the end
Ctrl + U x x x deletes the whole command line
Ctrl + W x deletes the last space-separated Word of the line.
Ctrl + W x x deletes the Word the cursor is on, and the line's tail
Cursor movements
Ctrl + A or HOME x x x moves the cursor to the head of current line
Ctrl + B or LEFT x x x moves the cursor one character Backward, to the left
Ctrl + LEFT x x moves the cursor to the beginning of the current or previous word
Ctrl + E or END x x x moves the cursor to the End of command line
Ctrl + F x x moves the cursor one character Forward, to the right
RIGHT x x x moves the cursor one character to the right
Ctrl + RIGHT x x moves the cursor to the next word on the right.


jdeff org.scilab.modules.preferences.XConfigManager openPreferences prefs;
prefs general/shortcuts;

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