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Aide de Scilab >> Préférences > preferences


Open the Scilab Preferences window




Opens the Scilab Preferences window.



// Targeting a chosen section:
jdeff org.scilab.modules.preferences.XConfigManager openPreferences prefs; // once for all
prefs general/shortcuts
prefs scinotes/display

Edit your main user's preferences file (you should not change its content by hand):

scinotes SCIHOME/XConfiguration.xml readonly

How to get some configuration values: Example : Retrieve from the main configuration file the status of the ask-for-confirmations:

xmlGetValues("//general/confirmation-dialogs/body/tools/tool",["id" "state"])
--> xmlGetValues("//general/confirmation-dialogs/body/tools/tool",["id" "state"])
 ans  =
!console-exit         unchecked  !
!delete-history-item  unchecked  !
!console-clear        unchecked  !

See also

  • xmlGetValues — Parses and gets values of chosen tags attributes in a XML file of preferences
  • ieee — fixe ou indique le mode d'exception IEEE pour les calculs
  • format — configure le format par défaut d'affichage des nombres décimaux
  • lines — sets and queries the display width and pagination for the console
  • mode — sets or queries the mode echoing Scilab instructions in the console
  • funcprot — switch scilab functions protection mode
  • setdefaultlanguage — sets the language of the session at startup and for some fixed Scilab menus
  • setlookandfeel — sets the current default look and feel.
  • printsetupbox — Display print dialog box.
  • recursionlimit — get or set the current or maximal allowed depth of nested calls
  • odeoptions — set options for ode solvers
  • csvDefault — Get or set defaults behavior for csv files.
  • xlfont — load a font in the graphic context or query loaded font
  • startup — startup file
  • atomsGetConfig — Get ATOMS system parameters


5.4.0 Function introduced
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