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Scilab Help >> Windows tools > consolebox


shows or hides the MS Windows terminal running the Scilab session


consolebox on
consolebox off
status = consolebox("toggle")
status = consolebox()



"on" | "off" : visibility of the OS window after the call to consolebox.


consolebox(…) is available only if the Scilab session runs in normal (standard desktop) mode (getscilabmode()=="STD").

The "consolebox" black window is the "hidden" terminal of the Operating system from which the current Scilab session has been run. It is somewhat the "dark side" of your session :)

consolebox on makes the OS window visible and adds its button in the task bar. The black consolebox window lays in the background, and then may be masked by other windows of the OS desktop.
consolebox off masks the OS window and its button from the task bar.
consolebox toggle toggles the OS window's visibility, and returns its new status "on"|"off".
status = consolebox() queries the visibility of the OS window.

Each Scilab session has its own "consolebox". The consolebox of a session is killed when the Scilab session is quit.

The "consolebox" black window can't be closed interactively: its X-cross at the upper-right corner is disabled. Killing it kills Scilab session.

host and unix display their results in the consolebox. unix_g, unix_w, unix_x, unix_s catch results returned by the OS and cancel any display in the consolebox.

Some low level Scilab functions (such as the documentation builder or other ones) send most of their errors messages in the consolebox. These messages would be considered as spam in the Scilab console. consolebox on allows to read them very helpfully for debugging.
When the Scilab console has the focus, pressing the F12 key toggles the consolebox on|off
host("cls") clears the consolebox screen


consolebox on
// See the consolebox button appearing in the task bar.   <==

// Click on it to bring the consolebox on the foreground. <==
consolebox toggle

// Now: press the F12 key to toggle the consolebox        <==
consolebox on

// Instructions passed to host() or unix() are echoed in the consolebox:
host("echo Test of output") // displays "Test of output" in the consolebox
host cls   // clears the consolebox screen
host set   // lists all defined MS Windows environnement variables

// Other unix_#() commands catch results returned by the Operating System,
//  instead of displaying them in the consolebox:
host cls
unix_w("echo Test of output") // "Test of output" is now displayed in Scilab console
unix_x set;          // Results are displayed in a messagebox. Nothing in consolebox
r = unix_g("set");   // Environment variables are returned in r.
r                    //   Nothing is displayed in the consolebox

See also

  • host — executes a Windows, Linux, or MacOS command
  • console — Keyboard shortcuts predefined in the console window
  • tbx_builder_help — Build help pages of a toolbox, with possible subsections (toolbox compilation process)
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