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Scilab Help >> ATOMS > atomsLoad


Load one or several external modules


result = atomsLoad(name)
result = atomsLoad(name, version)



Matrix of strings: External module name


Matrix of strings: External module version. This is an optional parameter. If it's not defined, the most recent version of the module is used.


4xn character string matrix:

1st Col. Technical name
2nd Col. Version
3rd Col. Installation section this parameter determines whether the module has been installed for all users or only for the current user.
4th Col. Installation path


atomsLoad load one or more external modules.


// Get the list of installed BUT unloaded external modules:
p = setdiff(atomsGetInstalled(), atomsGetLoaded());

if p~=[] then
    // There is at least one installed BUT unloaded module
    // Let's load it
    // Now, you may have a look to its help pages (in a fresh help browser session),
    // use its functions, use its demos (if any), etc.

    // There is no installed external module, or they are all already loaded.
    // Let's install a new module, and then load it in the session:

    // Get the list of available modules names
    P = atomsDESCRIPTIONget();
    clear atomsinternalslib
    available = fieldnames(P);

    notInstalled = setdiff(available, atomsGetInstalled()(:,1));
    module = notInstalled(1)
    versions = fieldnames(P(module))

    // Install the module: This requires an INTERNET CONNEXION
    atomsInstall([module, versions(1)])

    // Installing a module does not load it in the session:
    atomsIsLoaded(module)   // %F

    // Let's load it
    atomsLoad(module)       //
    atomsIsLoaded(module)   // %T

    // Now, you may have a look to its help pages (in a fresh help browser session),
    // use its functions, use its demos (if any), etc.

    // Now, uninstall it (cleaning):

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