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Справка Scilab >> Xcos > palettes > Math operations palette > MAXMIN


Maximum or minimum value of vectors's elements

Block Screenshot


This block finds the minimum/maximum values (parameter Min or Max) and accepts one or two inputs depending on the parameter Number of input vectors :

Number of input vectors Input Operation
1 Vector The input must be a vector and the bloc output is the minimum/maximum value of the elements of its input vector.
2 Scalar The block output is the minimal or maximal scalar.
2 Vector The input vectors must have the same size. The block output is a vector with the same size as inputs.The elements of the output vector are the minimum/maximum elements of the corresponding elements of the inputs.


  • Min or Max

    The function (min or max) to apply to the input.

    Properties : Type 'vec' of size 1.

  • Number of input vectors

    The number of inputs to the block.

    Properties : Type 'vec' of size 1.

  • zero-crossing

    Select to enable zero crossing detection to detect minimum and maximum values.

    Properties : Type 'vec' of size 1.

Default properties

  • always active: no

  • direct-feedthrough: yes

  • zero-crossing: no

  • mode: no

  • regular inputs:

    - port 1 : size [-1,1] / type 1

  • regular outputs:

    - port 1 : size [1,1] / type 1

  • number/sizes of activation inputs: 0

  • number/sizes of activation outputs: 0

  • continuous-time state: no

  • discrete-time state: no

  • object discrete-time state: no

  • name of computational function: minmax

Interfacing function

  • SCI/modules/scicos_blocks/macros/NonLinear/MAXMIN.sci

Computational function

  • SCI/modules/scicos_blocks/src/c/minmax.c (Type 4)

See also

  • MIN_f — Minimum value of a vector's elements
  • MAX_f — Maximum value of a vector's elements
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