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Return day of week


[N,S] = weekday(D)
[N,S] = weekday(D, form)


[N,S] = weekday(D) returns the day of the week in numeric(N) and string(S) form for a given serial date number or date string D. Input argument D can represent more than one date in an array of serial date number.

[N,S] = weekday(D, form) returns the week in numeric(N) and string(S) form, where the content of S depends on the form argument. If form is 'long', then S contains the full name of the weekday (e.g, Tuesday). If form is 'short', then S contains an abbreviated name (e.g., Tue) from this table.


today = datenum();
[N,S] = weekday(today)
[N,S] = weekday(today,'short')
[N,S] = weekday(today,'long')

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