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Ajuda do Scilab >> XML Management

XML Management

  • htmlDumpDump a HTML document
  • htmlReadRead a HTML stream from a local or distant file
  • htmlReadStrRead a HTML tree from a string
  • htmlWriteWrite a HTML document in a file
  • xmlAddNsAdd a namespace to a XML Element
  • xmlAppendAppend an element to the parent children
  • xmlAsNumberConvert the result of a XPath query into a row of numbers
  • xmlAsTextConvert the result of a XPath query into a row of strings
  • xmlDeleteDelete a XML document
  • xmlDocumentCreate a new XML document
  • xmlDTDCreate a XML DTD object
  • xmlDumpDump a XML object
  • xmlElementCreate a new XML element
  • xmlFormatFormat a Scilab variable into XML
  • xmlGetNsByHrefGet a namespace by its href
  • xmlGetNsByPrefixGet a namespace by prefix
  • xmlGetOpenDocsGet all open XML documents or all open XML Validation files.
  • xmlGetValuesParses and gets values of chosen tags attributes in a XML file of preferences
  • xmlIsValidObjectTest the existence of a XML object
  • xmlNameRetrieve the name of the elements.
  • xmlNsCreate a new XML Namespace
  • XML ObjectsDescribe the properties of the different XML objects
  • xmlReadRead a XML stream from a local or distant file
  • xmlReadStrRead a XML tree from a string
  • xmlRelaxNGCreate a XML Relax NG object
  • xmlRemoveRemove an element or a list of elements from their parents
  • xmlSchemaCreate a XML Schema object
  • xmlSetAttributesSet the attributes name and value.
  • xmlValidateValidate a document in using a DTD, a Relax NG or a Schema.
  • xmlWriteWrite a XML document in a file
  • xmlXPathMake a XPath query on a XML document
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