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Scilab Help >> Graphics > xgetech


get the current graphics scale (obsolete)


[wrect, frect, logflag, arect] = xgetech()


wrect, frect

real vectors.


string of size 2 "xy".


This function is obsolete. It will be removed from Scilab 6.1. Please use ax=gca(); (ax.axes_bounds, ax.data_bounds(:)', ax.log_flags, ax.margins) or any combination instead.

xgetech returns the current graphics scale (of the current window). The rectangle [xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax] given by frect is the size of the whole graphics window. The plotting will be made in the region of the current graphics window specified by wrect.

wrect=[x, y, w, h] (upper-left point, width, height) describes a region inside the graphics window. The values in wrect are specified using proportion of the width and height of the graphics window:

wrect=[0, 0, 1, 1] means that the whole graphics window is used.

wrect=[0.5, 0, 0.5, 1] means that the graphics region is the right half of the graphics window.

logflag is a string of size 2 "xy", where x and y can be "n" or "l". "n" stands for normal (linear) scale and "l" stands for logscale. x stands for the x-axis and y stands for the y-axis.

arect = [x_left, x_right, y_up, y_down] gives the frame size inside the subwindow. The graphic frame is specified (like wrect) using proportion of the width or height of the current graphic subwindow. Default value is 1/8*[1,1,1,1]. If arect is not given, current value remains unchanged.


// first subwindow
// then xsetech is used to set the second sub window
// get the graphic scales of first subwindow
// get the graphic scales of second subwindow

See also

  • xsetech — set the sub-window of a graphics window for plotting


6.0.1 xgetech() is tagged obsolete for removal from Scilab 6.1.
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