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Scilab Help >> Data Structures > types > typename


associates a name to variable type


[types [ [,names]]=typename()



an integer column vector: the types codes of each defined data types.


a column vector of strings: the names associated to type codes.


The function and operator overloading make use of a formal name associated to data types to form the name of the overloading function (see overloading). The typename can be used to handle this formal names for hard coded data types (the tlist or mlist coded data types formal names are defined in another way, see overloading).

typename returns information on defined data types.


disp("First type (double) : " + string(typs(1)) + " / " + nams(1));

See also

  • type — returns the type of a Scilab object
  • typeof — explicit type or overloading code of an object
  • overloading — display, functions and operators overloading capabilities
  • tlist — Scilab object and typed list definition.
  • mlist — Scilab object, matrix oriented typed list definition
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