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Scilab Help >> Modules manager > Helper functions > tbx_build_gateway


Build a gateway (toolbox compilation process)


tbx_build_gateway(libname, names, files, [gateway_path [, libs [, ldflags [, cflags [, fflags [, cc [, makename [, ismex]]]]]]]])



a character string, the generic name of the library without path and extension.


2 or 3 columns string matrix giving the table of pairs 'scilab-name', 'interface name', ['language']

language can be :

  • csci : C entry point for API Scilab ( default value )

    fsci : Fortran entry point for API Scilab

    cmex : C mexlib entry point for MexLib

    fmex : Fortran mexlib entry point for MexLib

    cppsci : C++ entry point for C++ API Scilab

    cppsciopt : C++ entry point for C++ API Scilab with optional arguments

  • files

    string matrix giving objects files needed for shared library creation


    Path to the sources of the gateway ; in a normal toolbox it should be the directory containing the builder_gateway_(lang).sce script (which should be the script calling this function). Default is current directory.


    string matrix giving extra libraries needed for shared library creation


    character strings to provide options for the loader, the C compiler and the Fortran compiler.


    character string. The name of or path to the compiler.


    character string. The path of the Makefile file without extension.

    This parameter is useless since Scilab 5.0. Default value to use: [].

    A warning will be displayed in Scilab 5.3 if you use another value that the default.


    Internal variable to specify if we are working with mex or not.


    // Recommended usage
    tbx_build_gateway('mytoolbox', ['c_sum','sci_csum';'c_sub','sci_csub'], ['sci_csum.c','sci_csub.c'], ..
                      get_absolute_file_path('builder_gateway_c.sce'), ..

    See also

    • ilib_build — utility for shared library management
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