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Scilab Help >> GUI > Menus > setmenu


interactive button or menu activation


setmenu(button [,nsub])
setmenu(gwin,button [,nsub])



a character string. The button name


integer. The number of graphic window where the button is installed


integer. The number of submenu to activate (if any). If button has no sub-menu, nsub is ignored


The function allows the user to make active buttons or menus created by addmenu in the main or graphics windows command panels.


addmenu('foo')   // New button made in main scilab window
unsetmenu('foo') // button foo cannot be activated (grey string)
setmenu('foo')   // button foo can be activated (black string)

See also

  • delmenu — interactive button or menu deletion
  • unsetmenu — interactive button or menu or submenu de-activation
  • addmenu — interactive button or menu definition
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