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Scilab Help >> Parameters > set_param


Set the value of a parameter in a parameter list


[param_list,err] = set_param(list_name,param_name,param_value)



the list of parameters. This list must have been initialize by a call to init_param.


a string. The name of the parameter to be added in the list of parameters.


the value to be associated to the parameter param_name.


the updated list of parameters.


an error flag which is set to %T if list_name is not of type plist (this list has not been initialized by a call to init_param).


This function sets the value of an already existing parameter. If the parameter does not exist, err is set to %T. If the err output parameter is not present, when an error occurs, a message is printed in the console.


mylist = init_param();
mylist = add_param(mylist,'minbound',[0 0 0]);
[mylist,err] = set_param(mylist,'minbound',[1 1 1]); disp(err);
[mylist,err] = set_param(mylist,'maxbound',[1 1 1]); disp(err);

See also

  • init_param — Initialize the structure which will handles the parameters list
  • add_param — Add a parameter to a list of parameters
  • get_param — Get the value of a parameter in a parameter list
  • remove_param — Remove a parameter and its associated value from a list of parameters
  • is_param — Check if a parameter is present in a parameter list
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