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Scilab Help >> Xcos > Scilab Utilities Functions

Scilab Utilities Functions

  • %MODELICA_USER_LIBSSpecify the paths of the directories containing the Modelica class definition files
  • block_parameter_errorDisplays a parameter input error box for a Xcos block
  • buildouttbBuild of the sublist %cpr.state.outtb
  • getModelicaPathGet the Modelica directory path needed by Xcos diagram containing Modelica blocks
  • importXcosDiagramImport a Xcos diagram on Scilab
  • loadScicosLoad the Xcos simulation native library.
  • loadXcosLibsLoads all native Xcos blocks interfaces functions
  • scicosDiagramToScilabLoad or Save an Xcos diagram
  • scicos_debugSet the level of the Scicos debugging
  • scicos_getvaluexwindow dialog for Xcos
  • scicos_logLogger utility for scicos
  • standard_defineDefine a block from its interface as in Xcos editor.
  • standard_inputsGet the position of the input ports of a block in Xcos editor.
  • standard_originGet the position of a block in the Xcos editor.
  • standard_outputsGet the position of the output ports of a block in Xcos editor.
  • var2vecTransform a scilab variable into a vector of double
  • vec2varTransform a vector of double into a scilab variable
  • xcosAddToolsMenuAdd a menu item into the Xcos "Tools" menu.
  • xcosDiagramToScilabLoad or Save an Xcos diagram
  • xcosPalInstantiate a new Xcos palette on Scilab.
  • xcosPalAddAdd a palette to the Scilab/Xcos palette manager. Optional property can be added to set the category of the palette.
  • xcosPalAddBlockAdd a block to a Scilab/Xcos palette instance. Some optional properties can be added to customize the palette icon and the style of the block.
  • xcosPalDeleteRemove an Xcos palette.
  • xcosPalExportExport a palette instance to a path.
  • xcosPalGenerateAllIconsUpdate the palette icons (gif files) from a Scilab instance
  • xcosPalMoveMove a palette from a category to another one.
  • xcosUpdateBlockUpdate a block instance
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