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Scilab Help >> Sparse Matrix > Sparse Matrix Conversion > mtlb_sparse


convert sparse matrix





sparse matrix


sparse matrix in Matlab format


Y=mtlb_sparse(X) is used to convert X, a Scilab sparse matrix, to Matlab format. Y is the a variable with type 7, i.e. type(Y) is equal to 7. This function should be used in mexfiles (a Matlab mexfile containing sparse matrices can be used only if the Scilab sparse matrices are converted to that format). The functions full and spget work with this format.

Other operations and functions using this format can be overloaded with Scilab functions using the prefix "%msp". For instance the function %msp_p(x) (see SCI/modules/overloading/macros directory) is used to display such "type 7" objects.


X=sparse(rand(2,2)); Y=mtlb_sparse(X);
Y, full(Y), [ij,v,mn]=spget(Y)

See also

  • full — sparse to full matrix conversion
  • spget — retrieves entries of sparse matrix
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