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Scilab Help >> Elementary Functions > Floating point > isinf


tests for infinite elements


r = isinf(x)



matrix of real or complex numbers


matrix of booleans of the same size as x


isinf(x) returns the matrix r of booleans such that, for each element x(i), r(i) is set to %T if and only if x(i) is infinite.

When x is complex-encoded, x(i) is considered infinite if its real part or its imaginary part (or both) are infinite.


[i, inf, nan] = (%i, %inf, %nan);
isinf([-1  0.01 -inf  inf  nan])
isinf([2+i, -10-inf, inf+i])
isinf([nan-i, inf-nan*i, nan+i*inf])

See also

  • isnan — check for "Not a Number" entries
  • isreal — check if a variable is stored as a complex matrix
  • isnum — tests if a string represents a number
  • type — returns the type of a Scilab object
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