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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
However, this page did not exist in the previous stable version.

Ajuda do Scilab >> Xcos > batch_functions > xcosValidateCompareBlock


Function to compare two Xcos Blocks.


[status, message] = xcosValidateCompareBlock(block1, block2)


block1: A Xcos block.
block2: A Xcos block.


This function is used to compare two Blocks.

Function will go through each block field and compare the two values. The function returns true if the two blocks are equal, false otherwise. message will contain some information about non-homogeneous fields.

File content

  • SCI/modules/xcos/macros/xcosValidateCompareBlock.sci


block1 = CONST_m("define");
block2 = CONST_m("define");
[status, message] = xcosValidateCompareBlock(block1,block2)

block2.model.rpar = 42;
[status, message] = xcosValidateCompareBlock(block1,block2)

See also


5.4.0 Function xcosValidateCompareBlock introduced.
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