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Ajuda do Scilab >> CACSD > Linear Analysis

Linear Analysis

  • Controllability Observability
  • Frequency Domain
    • blackdiagrama de Black (carta de Nichols)
    • bodeBode plot
    • bode_asympBode plot asymptote
    • calfrqfrequency response discretization
    • dbphifrequency response to phase and magnitude representation
    • freqfrequency response
    • fresonpeak frequencies
    • gainplotesboço de magnitude
    • hallchartDraws the Hall chart
    • nicholschartNichols chart
    • nyquistdiagrama de Nyquist
    • nyquistfrequencyboundsComputes the frequencies for which the nyquist locus enters and leaves a given rectangle.
    • phasemagphase and magnitude computation
    • phaseplotfrequency phase plot
    • repfreqfrequency response
    • svplotsingular-value sigma-plot
    • trzerostransmission zeros and normal rank
  • Sensitivity
    • sensisensitivity functions
  • Stability
    • bstaphankel approximant
    • dtsiContinuous time dynamical systems stable anti-stable decomposition
    • evanslugar geométrico das raízes Evans
    • g_margingain margin and associated crossover frequency
    • p_marginphase margin and associated crossover frequency
    • plzrEsboço de pólo-zero
    • routh_ttabela de Routh
    • sgridesboça linhas de grid de um s-plano
    • show_marginsdisplay gain and phase margin and associated crossover frequencies
    • st_ilitystabilizability test
    • zgridesboçode um z-grid
  • Time Domain
    • arsimularmax simulation
    • csimsimulation (time response) of linear system
    • dampNatural frequencies and damping factors.
    • dsimulstate space discrete time simulation
    • fltstime response (discrete time, sampled system)
    • ltitrdiscrete time response (state space)
    • narsimularmax simulation (using rtitr)
    • rtitrdiscrete time response (transfer matrix)
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