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special custom function called after each line execution in console


If it is defined, the function %onprompt()

  • must be written in Scilab language.
  • expects no explicit input argument.
  • assigns to ans its first explicit output argument (if any).

Then, %onprompt() is automatically executed after the historization and the execution of each row of instructions entered in the console (even if it is only a comment).

If an output argument is defined, ans is displayed even if a semi-colon is appended to the row of instructions. Other explicit output arguments (if any) are ignored.

  • %onprompt() may be (re)defined at any execution level.
  • If some diaries are open and %onprompt() displays some contents in the console, these ones are recorded in the diaries with all other console outputs.


// Redisplaying the last line of instructions after its execution:
function %onprompt()
    mprintf("%s\n", gethistory()($));
a = grand(3,5,"uin",-9,9), b = %pi;
// This is a comment
--> a = grand(3,5,"uin",-9,9), b = %pi
 a  =
   0.  -5.  -9.   5.   3.
  -9.   5.  -9.  -4.   8.
   2.  -5.  -6.   6.   0.

 b  =

a = grand(3,5,"uin",-9,9), b = %pi

--> // This is a comment
// This is a comment


See also

  • prompt — Get/Set current prompt
  • ans — resposta
  • gethistory — returns current scilab history in a string matrix
  • startup files — arquivo de inicialização
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